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The Whiskerando I Necktie


The rustling leaves in the gentle breeze,
A tranquil setting, a picture of peace.
The melody of nature fills the air,
A symphony of beauty beyond compare.

A little creature scampers by,
With a flick of his tail and a glint in his eye.
His nimble feet move with such ease,
A true master of the forest, as he please.

A bushy tail, and a nose that twitches,
The scent of the earth, his keenest riches.
He darts and dances with playful glee,
A creature of nature, wild and free.

So small and sly,
It scurries through the brush, without a sigh.
A little life, so full of joy,
A reminder of nature's finest ploy.

So let us take a moment to pause,
And appreciate nature's simple cause.
The being that scurries on his way,
A symbol of life, in its purest array.


Material: Cotton


Small: 6" long.
Medium:  8" long.
Large: 10" long 

Attachment: To secure tie, loop top of tie through collar and fasten. Adjust as needed.

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