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The Synesthesia Collar


I'm stumbling, tripping, falling through a garden of sensory chaos. The flowers scream out with colors that don't exist, their petals flickering in and out of reality. The rustling leaves whisper secrets that dissolve into gibberish. The birdsong becomes a jarring cacophony of disjointed sounds, their melodies tearing at my ears.

And in this chaos, I find a strange sense of liberation. The order of the world shattered, leaving behind a strange and wonderful madness. A world where the senses are not controlled or predictable, but wild and unpredictable. A world where beauty is not static, but alive and constantly shifting.


Collar Type: Choose between Classic (buckle-type) and Martingale.

Adding a Bow: You have the option to add a matching bow to your collar. Bows are fully adjustable and can be removed/added to the collar depending on the event. 

Sizing Guides


5. Click Save.