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The Moosh Farangi Bandana


As I scurried through the grass,
I came across a sight to behold,
A juicy, red berry,
Glittering in the sunshine's gold.

With a leap of joy, I approached,
And nibbled on its tender flesh,
My little heart so full of gratitude,
For this unexpected heavenly refresh.

Oh, how blessed I felt that day,
To have stumbled upon such a treat,
My tiny body felt renewed,
And my happiness, oh so sweet.

Thankful for this gift from above,
I savored every single bite,
And as I basked in the strawberry's glow,
My heart was filled with delight.


 Material: Cotton

Closure: Adjustable Snap Buttons, Tie-On, or both.

Sizing Guides

** XL sizes available upon request for an additional cost. 


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