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The Lazuli II Collar


I am stirred awake by the gentle patter of raindrops tapping against the window, their rhythmic sound a hypnotic cadence that pulls me from the depths of sleep. I feel a heaviness in my body, a sense of being anchored to the world by a deep and dreamless slumber. As I rise to my feet and make my way through the shadowed room, the soft tapping of the rain seems to intensify, like a drumbeat leading me forward. I am drawn to the window, compelled to gaze out at the world beyond, shrouded in a misty veil that obscures its contours. Despite the dreariness of the scene, I am filled with a sense of expectancy, a feeling that something is about to happen, that a new beginning is just around the corner..


Collar Type: Choose between Classic (buckle-type) and Martingale.

Adding a Bow: You have the option to add a matching bow to your collar. Bows are fully adjustable and can be removed/added to the collar depending on the event. 

Sizing Guides


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