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The Jubilee Sailor Bowtie


In tangled vines with green and red
A berry hid beneath its bed
And as it slept beneath the leaves
White blossoms danced in summer breeze

The tiny seed with patience grew
Until the day it burst in view
And blushing red it kissed the sun
Its growing journey had begun

Amidst the petals, white as snow
The berry basked in morning glow
And in the garden, rich and pure
It thrived, its beauty to allure

But soon the season came to end
And petals fell, alone to fend
Yet in the heart of the berry bright
The hope of spring, a guiding light

For in the garden, year by year
The berry grows, without a fear
And blossoms too, as white as snow
Whisper secrets, as breezes blow.


Material: Cotton


Small: 6" wide by 6" tall
Medium: 8" wide by 8" tall
Large: 10" wide by 10" tall


Elastic --> closed loops. Attaches to a collar which is fed through the loops.
Velcro --> open loops. Velcro straps wrap around a collar and fasten to size. 
Alligator Clip --> Single clip, most commonly used to attach to your pup's fur as a standalone accessory. 

Sizing Guides


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