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The Cymatium Bandana


She had always found solace in the quiet moments of the night, when the world around her seemed to fade away into a gentle hum. She would sit by the window, watching the stars twinkling in the sky, and feel a sense of calm settle over her. It was as if the whispers of the night held secrets that only the darkness could reveal. They would tell her stories of love and loss, of hope and despair, and she would listen with an open heart, letting the words wash over her.

In those moments, she felt a connection to something deeper and more profound than anything she had ever known. She felt a sense of peace and tranquility that she could not find in the chaos of the daylight hours. The troubles of the world could not touch her, the worries of the day could not invade her sanctuary. 


Material: Quilt Cotton

Closure: Adjustable Snap Buttons, Tie-On, or both.

Sizing Guides

** XL sizes available upon request for an additional cost. 


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