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The Cordyceps Bandana


From the depths of earth I rise,
A shapeless form that defies
All attempts to define or confine,
My essence, ever-changing, like the shifting of time.

The world around me is a canvas of light,
A symphony of colors that blend and ignite.
I am but a small part of this grand design,
A catalyst of renewal in the cycles of life's grand design.

My purpose is to break down what is no more,
To transform the old into something new and more.
I am the spark that ignites new beginnings,
A force of change that keeps existence spinning.

Though my form may shift and change with every breath,
My role in this world is constant and deathless.
For as long as there is life, I will be there,
A reminder that all things are fleeting and rare.

So let me rise from the depths of earth,
And embrace the endless cycles of death and rebirth.
For though my form may be shapeless and vague,
My purpose in this world is an unbreakable bond that won't fade.



Material: Cotton

Closure: Adjustable Snap Buttons, Tie-On, or both.

Sizing Guides

** XL sizes available upon request for an additional cost. 


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