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backup- Inspirations for the celebrity in your house

If you are wondering what we look for when deciding on Brand Ambassadors, here we can give you a few tips and examples. Photography that is consistently well lit, clear, and showcases our products nicely is very important for the Junipine photographer's group. Here are a few examples of Brand Ambassador photos that we have loved and featured on our website and social media channels.



Aoife in one of our personalized Christmas bandanas looks absolutely stunning. This is a great example of what we look for in brand ambassador photography. We can see the bandana clearly and how beautiful Aoife is in her Junipine gear. Notice the quality and lighting of the image are impeccable.



If you have a Husky with two different colored eyes, you gotta take photos like Nila does. The warm colors of our Kin-Hana bandana make a beautiful balance with the cold natural setting of the photo. High contrasted, yet a well-lit photo makes it an A+ shot!



Not only Noah is super photogenic, but his Mama dresses him perfectly in colorful Junipine Jumbo bows. His pose, bright colors, and good lighting really brings Noah to focus. The bow is very clear and colors are true to the product!



Lilly's Mom always does an amazing job showcasing our products in her photos. Her photos are always high quality, bright, clear and creative. Seeing the products this crystal clear without any environmental distractions is very important to us.

Bleu, Bubba & Vader


One of our favorite photos of BBV! Their photos are always bright, shows the products perfectly, and their simplistic backgrounds really helps pop the puppies wearing our products.



Henry's photos always have amazing lighting and high photo quality. He is always in the front, sitting or playing naturally but wearing our products so beautifully. We can always see the whole product in their true colors, background are simple yet beautiful.

Cheat Sheet

-Creativity and quality are key.

-Minimize visual clutter and other obstructions that draw the eye away from your pup and the Junipine product. make sure that your personal belonging are not showing in the photo.

-Seek areas with good quality natural or artificial lighting. Shoot your images in bright and light places

-It's hard to go wrong with photos taken outdoors, in the daytime - but you aren't limited to that! We want to see what you come up with.

-Show your pup's personality! Get creative!

-Make sure you are showing the product well:

High quality images that celebrate the Junipine product. We welcome any photo edits, touch-ups, filters, etc. - just keep in mind that the photos should display the product as an accurate representation in regards to color, texture, fit, etc. In other words, show off - but be accurate and honest with the product representation.

Photography Tips

If you have a professional camera, you know what you are doing! But here are a few useful tips for those who are just starting. Most new phones have a lot of good options for taking decent photos:

-Be patient! We all know it is not easy to keep our dogs attentive and still while we take our time for snapping the perfect photo. Have your treats ready and wait for the right moment.

-Plan your shot! Where and when is it gonna be? How is the setting? Is it going to be outdoors or indoors? Based on that, set up your lighting so you can get the perfect results.

-Get rid of distractions.

-Get rid of clutter and prepare a clean and simple background. None of your personal belongings/household tools should be in these photos.

Trust us! An uncluttered environment produces more aesthetically pleasing images. Nobody needs to see photos of your puppy with an overflowing garbage can or a messy bed. We all have one corner in our house that could be that perfect spot! LET YOUR PUPPY GLOW!

-Make sure your dog is comfortable and the environment they are at is not stressful for them.

-Shoot wide and get closer to your dog (not too close though!). Lower perspectives and eye-level photos are best for pet photography.

-Avoid using flash! Flashes of light can startle your dog and also will not show the product they are modeling properly.

- Don't over dress your pup. If you are modeling for a certain brand, try using that product only . Make sure what they are wearing is clearly visible and not cut off or blurry.

-Try using the Portrait mode on your phone cameras. But you have to be patient and play around with it. This option can sometimes blur what your dog is wearing. Play with the focus and get a clear shot of your dog and the product they are modeling.

-Use a fast shutter speed. This way, you'll be able to freeze motion better to get quality shots before your dog gets distracted again.

***We are sure there are many more tips that aren't mentioned here. If you have more to add and/or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! You can always DM us @my_junipine.